Man therapist to Woman Client Erotic Fantasy Story

This is just an erotic massage Playa del Ingles fantasy story. Enjoy reading.

A new client coming today. Recommended by an old client who knew how good my work could be. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. I always do when I’m anticipating a new client, especially one specifically requesting a Total Massage.

Maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Todd. I’ve been doing body work for over 20 years. I use an amalgamation of Swedish, Neuromuscular, Thai, Chiropractic, and basic instinct in my work. For me the body is a canvas and I paint well-being all over it. The rush of being able to touch someone with my hands and have them feel better for it transcends everything for me. What a gift.

The table is set up, freshly laundered sheet over a mattress pad, a nice bolster for the lower legs. The scents of vanilla, sandalwood, and cinnamon waft in the air from the incense brazier. Differently colored soy candles are lit all around the room, creating a mellow, sensual ambiance with the incense.

Hearing a car pull up, I start my special massage music. The wonderful sounds of Peter Kater on the piano accompanied by R. Carlos Nakai on the bone flute fills the room with gentleness and serenity.

Then I hear the knock on the door, hesitant, unsure. I open the door and see Joni. I struggle to control my face. She is exquisite. Long ringleted red hair hanging loosely to her waist, striking green eyes over a pert nose, slightly upturned. She is dressed simply, running shorts and a t-shirt. Her braless breasts appear firm, upright, her nipples easily visible poking out from her t-shirt.

“Hello,” I greeted her, holding out my hand to take hers. “I’m Todd. You must be Joni.”

“Hello,” she said, her eyes big, unblinking as she took me in. “Yes, I’m Joni.”

“Please come in,” I said to her, stepping aside and letting her enter.

I watched her eyes as she quickly appraised the room, taking in everything at once. I saw her shoulders slightly relax; a good sign. She, too, was nervous, but the room’s ambiance relaxed her.

“May I get you something to drink?” I offered.

“Um, sure, okay,” she said, looking a bit unsure of herself.

“Please, have a seat,” I said, indicating a sofa. “What would you like?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said with a laugh. “What are my choices?”

“Well, I’ve got everything from tap water to bottled water to fruit juice to a full bar. I specialize in rum drinks and Margueritas. There’s also beer.”

“Well, you sure are prepared,” she laughed, sitting back into the sofa. “So, you make a good Marguerita?” she asked, a twinkle in her eyes.

“So I’m told,” I replied, smiling. “Care to try one?”

“Sure, why not,” Joni said, tossing her incredible hair.

“It’ll take me a couple of minutes,” I told her, opening cabinets and finding my ingredients. “Maybe you’d like to take this opportunity to change into this,” I said, handing her a big towel. “No clothes or jewelry, please.”

“Oh, sure,” she said, taking the towel from me. “Should I just change right here?” she asked, a bit uncertain.

“If you’d like,” I replied with a laugh as I filled the shaker with ice. “But you’re also very welcome to use the bathroom,” I said, indicating a door at the back of the room.

“Thanks,” Joni said, a smile splitting her freckled face. “I’ll be right back.”

I added some Cuervo Gold Tequila, some Grand Marnier, a nice splash of Rose’s Lime Juice, then topped it off with some homemade sour mix that I always keep ready. Dipping the top of the glass in a small plate of water to wet the rim, I then twisted it into a container of Kosher sea salt, creating a nice salt rim on the glass. Then shaking the shaker as hard as I could, I shook the drink until my arms hurt, then removed the cap and carefully poured it into the glass, every drop just fitting with a nice head of foam at the top.

I head the door open from the bathroom and turned, the drink in my hand, to see Joni return to the room, the towel wrapped around her body, tucked into her generous cleavage. I noticed her feet, small delicate feet with very straight toes, her big toe and the next two almost the same length. The shape of a woman’s feet always tells me something about their body.

I handed her the drink, a smile on my face as her eyes lit up when she saw it.

“Oh, this is beautiful,” she said, putting the glass to her mouth.

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I could see her tongue slide out to taste the salt rim, nice and pointed, then she was taking a big swallow from the glass.

“Oh, my god,” she said, swallowing, a film of the drink’s head on her upper lip. “That is one of the best Margheritas I’ve ever had,” she said, taking another gulp. “This is so good!”

“Why, thank you,” I said with a smile. “I’m glad you like it. Would you care for a smoke?” I asked, holding up a joint, having been apprised of her indulgence by Denise.

“Oh, god, that would be great,” she said. “It’s been a while.”

“Well, you want to be careful then,” I warned. “It’s really good stuff and that’s a strong drink you’ve got there.”

“That’s okay,” she said. “I am out of contact for the afternoon to pamper myself,” she informed me. “Denise says you’re absolutely trustworthy, that I can safely put myself in your hands.”

“Well, that’s sure nice of her, and it’s also true. This is your time and everything will be tailored to your wants and needs,” I told her. “You set the limits.”

“That sounds wonderful,” she said, taking the joint from me and drawing a long hit into her lungs. “Oh, god, that tastes so good,” she said after slowly exhaling a huge amount of smoke. “I can feel my head spin already.”

“Would you like to get started?” I asked, taking a hit from the joint.

“Mmmm, sure,” Joni replied, taking another big swallow from her drink. “This is so good, I just can’t stop,” she said with a laugh.

“Could you please tie your hair up on top of your head?” I asked, handing her a hair tie. “It will be in the way otherwise.”

“Oh, sure,” she said, taking the hair tie and putting her drink down.

Reaching up and gathering her hair, Joni began to tie it on top of her head. As she twisted the hair tie around her hair, the towel loosened just enough to slip from her body, revealing her beautiful breasts, freckled, hard pointed nipples sticking out dark cherry-red from the ends. She finished with her hair and caught the towel where it had become trapped between her thighs and the massage table. I could see just a glimpse of bright red hair before she once again covered herself.

“I guess you think that’s silly,” she said, “covering myself. I mean, you see bodies all the time, don’t you?”

“That’s true, my work is bodies,” I agreed, “but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of privacy about yours, does it?”

“No, I guess not,” she agreed as I passed her the joint once again and she took another deep hit.

“Why don’t you get on the table, your face here in this face cradle,” I suggested.

“Yes, let’s get started,” she said, taking one more big swallow from her drink and climbing up onto the table, laying on her stomach.

I tried to rearrange the towel but Joni had lain on it, trapping it beneath her body. Gently pulling on it, she lifted up to allow me to pull it free of her body, turning it to cover her length-wise.

“Do you have any particular problems or limitations you’d like me to be aware of?” I asked, sliding the towel down to the crack of her ass, exposing her back, also lightly freckled, completely clear of any blemishes.

“I’m just really tense,” Joni replied. “I need to relax, really relax.”

“Okay, that should be no problem,” I told her. “Anything you’d like me to avoid?” I asked.

“I’d prefer not to have any unnecessary pain,” she replied.

“Well, I have very strong hands,” I informed her as I took some Biotone creme into my hands and began warming it by rubbing my hands together briskly. “So you tell me if the pressure is not to your liking or if anything I do is not to your liking,” I said, slowly and gently letting my hands come to rest on her back, feeling the heat from her skin on my hands as I slowly slid my hands up to her neck, then back down, spreading the creme all over her back.

“Oh, that feels so nice,” Joni sighed, relaxing into the table as I began to work her back.

“Have you had massages before?” I inquired as I began a series of long, firm effleurage strokes from the illiac crest up to her neck.

“Once,” she replied, sighing. “But it was more like an oil bath, nothing like this at all.”

“Well, I’m just starting,” I laughed, “and I don’t use oil.”

“Your hands feel marvelous,” Joni murmured as I continued to effleurage, letting my hands move to the sides of her back, not changing the pressure as I let my hands slide over the swell of her breasts bulging from the sides, noticing with satisfaction that the only reaction was Joni sighing and settling even more deeply — as if that were possible — into the table.

I then began to petrissage her lower back, kneading the muscles, concentrating on the quadratus lumborum, the muscle that connects the lower rib to the illiac crest, the origin of nearly all lower-back problems. I could just see the beginning of the crease splitting her ass, the gentle but seemingly perfect swell of her ass under the towel. I looked forward to that part of the massage.

“Denise never told me exactly what a Total Massage was,” Joni said, “other than it was the best experience she’d ever had.”

“Well, that’s certainly nice to hear,” I replied, once again effleuraging up her back, smoothing things out, and deliberately ignoring the rest of her statement.

“What exactly is a Total Massage?” she finally asked after a long pause, during which I had noticed the slight increase in tension in her back.

“Well, I guess it’s different for every person,” I hedged, enjoying this part as I ran my thumbs up along her spinal ridge, pressing as deeply as I dared, stopping the pressure when I felt that it would be counterproductive to press any deeper.

“Basically, it means that your whole body gets treated, within limits that only you can set,” I explained, once more running my thumbs up her spine, slightly more deeply this time. “All tradition, rules, laws, whatever, are gone; the only thing that matters is you and your body’s needs. The whole purpose of massage is to relax, to release, and with Total Massage it is possible to get to the whole body, not hampered by anything but whatever limits you yourself choose to set.”

“That sounds like it could be……..interesting,” she said, finally finding a word, sighing as I began to work the pressure points on the outside of her scapula, right up into her armpit. “Do you have many clients who like Total Massage?”

“No,” I replied simply as I gently petrissaged the area I had just been working, delighting in feeling the soft flesh of the side of her breast. “Actually, you’re the first person I’ve ever had that requested a Total Massage the first time. Usually it’s a client that I’ve been working on for quite a long time, where there has been a building of trust. It is a much more personal experience than a basic massage, and that’s pretty personal in its own right,” I explained.

“Would you do a Total Massage to anyone who wanted one,” Joni persisted.

I smiled to myself, recognizing her need to feel special, not ordinary.

“Definitely not,” I replied, beginning to effleurage her rhomboids, pressing as deeply as possible beneath her scapula as I attempted to unstick the fascia that was causing her rib heads to stick and not float freely. “First of all, I have to like the person I’m working on, more than just as a client. Secondly, I have to have a feeling of trust in the person I’m working on.”

“Oh, I guess that’s a compliment,” Joni said as I reached beneath her scapula, using it like a handle as I gently yet firmly pulled upwards, actually lifting her off the table, stretching her rhomboids. I could see her breast swinging free beneath her, I had lifted her so far off the table. Beautiful hard, erect nipple.

“Yes, though actually it’s more a compliment to Denise,” I said. “It was her absolute recommendation of you that got you to the head of the class, so to speak,” I added as I lowered her back down onto the table and began to effleurage the area to smooth it out. “But then, seeing you, how could I possibly resist working on such a beautiful woman!”

“Why, thank you,” Joni said as I began to petrissage the upper trapezius muscles of her shoulder.

“How’s the pressure so far?” I asked as I moved around to the head of the table so that I could do some deep stripping with my thumbs.

“Mmmm, it feels great,” Joni sighed as I finished and moved around the table to the other side. “Could I have a sip of my drink, please?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, carefully picking it up so that it didn’t slip from my slick fingers.

Joni propped herself up on her elbows as she reached for the drink, completely exposing her exquisite breasts to my gaze as she took a long swallow before handing the drink back to me.

“Mmm, thanks,” she said, laying back down. “I think that you do make the best Margherita I’ve ever tasted.”

“That’s just because I’m the only person who serves it with a massage,” I laughed, starting once again on the other side of her back.

She laughed, then there was a nice long spell of silence as I worked the other half of her back in the same manner. By the time I had finished, her pale freckled skin was flushed a bright red, a good sign. Finishing up her back, I pulled the towel up to cover it, gently running my hands over the towel, making nice to her back which I had just intensely worked on.

Moving down to her legs, I rolled the towel over to expose a leg and ass cheek, letting the towel lay just to the other side of midline. Joni was laying with her knees and ankles pressed together, so I gently slipped a hand between her knees, pulling her leg towards me as far as possible without it slipping off the table.

Now I could clearly see her pussy, as smooth as the day she was born, her inner lips prominently curling out from between her outer ones, confirming my observation of her feet earlier. Her clit was fat, just peeking out from between the folds of her pussy. Above her pussy the star-shaped pucker of her rosebud winked invitingly.

Rubbing some creme between my hands, I slowly and gently applied it to her leg, starting at her lower calf and continuing up to the top of her thigh, then gliding up over her ass cheek, never varying the pressure. Joni lay passively as I continued to spread the creme evenly over her leg, making sure to coat both the outside as well as the inside of her thigh, right up to the point where it joined her body. I could see her pussy starting to glisten with moisture.

Moving back down to her foot, I sat on the edge of the table and began to massage it, my eyes never straying for long from the beauty of her pussy staring at me from between her spread legs. Standing up and bending her leg at the knee so that the bottom of her foot was pointing at the ceiling, I began to work on her long slender toes, each one individually.

“Ohh, that is so nice,” Joni sighed, speaking for the first time in many long minutes.

Lowering her foot back down to rest on the bolster, Joni wriggled, settling herself on the table. I noticed that her other leg had moved to the far limit of the table edge, effectively opening her pussy up as much as possible while still keeping her legs on the table. I could just make out the entrance to her pussy as her lips slightly spread open.

Effleuraging her leg firmly from the ankle to the top of her ass, I began to loosen the muscles. Pressing my hands firmly on both the outside and inside of her leg at the same time, I pushed upwards, stopping only when the edge of my hand contacted the juncture of her thigh and body, almost touching her pussy before sliding up over her ass, letting my hand slide up through the crack of her ass, over her rosebud, before sliding back down to her ankle.

Hearing Joni sigh deeply, I repeated this two more times, each time letting my hand slide more deeply into the crack of her ass to the point where I could feel the ridging of her starred rosebud. Her pussy was now glistening from the juices seeping from it. This was working just perfectly.

Petrissaging her calf, first from the sides bottom to top with the fibers, then from the side, across the fibers, finally finishing with a firm stripping with the thumbs up the center of the soleus, then along each juncture of muscle groups, finishing with more firm effleurage to smooth things out, once more gliding up the outside and inside of her leg, firmly, this time letting the outside edge of my hand graze against her pussy lips slightly as I slid up the crack of her ass.

I then began to very firmly effleurage her leg above the knee, first the outside, then the outside oblique, then square in the middle of her hamstrings, then inner oblique, and finally just the inner thigh, sliding right up until my hand bumped against her pussy.

Joni hadn’t moved a muscle. She lay there limp like a rag doll, lost in the massage as I began to petrissage her outer leg from the knee all the way up to the top of her pelvic crest and back again, being careful not to press too firmly on the TFL, which is very sensitive. I repeated this two more times, then moved to the center of her thigh, again starting at the knee and moving up her leg, petrissaging the thick, heavy muscles there, continuing up onto her ass, gripping her entire cheek in my hands as I worked, all the way to the top and then back down again. Each time I made the transition from her leg to her ass or visa-versa, the effect of squeezing the muscles in my hand pulled her pussy open, affording me an unimpeded view of the incredibly wet, pink interior, her clit now larger and distended out beyond her prominent pussy lips.

Three times I made this journey, then transitioned to the inner thigh, that most sensitive part of anyone’s body. Carefully gripping her adductors as I petrissaged, I worked my way up until my hand bumped into her pussy, then worked my way down to her knee again, repeating this a total of three times. Bringing my hand to my face, I sniffed deeply, smelling her pussy on the outer edge of my hand. I flicked my tongue out, tasting the sheen of juice. I could feel my cock getting hard in my shorts as I tasted her delicious juices.

Now I began to work on her ass cheek, kneading it, squeezing it, massaging it, making sure that my hands frequently dipped deep into the crack of her ass, letting my finger tip lightly press against her rosebud as it slid over it.

Though it all, Joni lay like a rag doll, not making a sound, not moving. I could now see a small spot of moisture beneath her pussy on the sheet as I continued to massage her ass cheek.

I then moved to apply pressure to her hip pointers, the first one at the top of the socket of the ball of the hip, pressing gently, knowing that it was going to be very sensitive. I heard Joni’s intake of breath as I gently worked the spot, then slid up about an inch to the other end where it attached to the lower rib, the most sensitive spot, and even more gently worked that point.

The third and final point was right in the middle of the gluteus maximus, deep. Spreading the fingers of both hands to brace myself, I found the spot and with one thumb pressing down on the other, slowly pressed deep into the muscle tissue until I felt the joint I was looking for, pressing and gently making small circles to stimulate. My spread fingers covered her ass, with the ring finger and pinky of my right hand actually resting on and across her pussy. Pressing a little deeper and wriggling my hand, I let my ring finger and pinky slide between her pussy lips, feeling the hot wetness within.

Joni hadn’t moved at all, no reaction to my fingers obviously deliberately sliding gently up and down between her pussy lips. Releasing the pressure of my thumbs on her hip flexor, I blatantly began to massage her pussy lips between my fingers, pulling and stretching them. When I squeezed her clit between my fingers, Joni stiffened and I realized that she was going to have an orgasm. As she began to shudder, I slid two fingers up into her pussy, feeling her pussy spasm and clamp down on my fingers as she came. When she finished cumming I slid my fingers from her pussy, once more firmly rubbing all of it before letting my hands slide up over her ass and then down her legs once more.

“Oh my god, that was incredible,” I heard Joni moan from the face cradle. “I can’t believe you made me cum like that.”

“It’s all about release,” I told her, pulling the towel back to cover her as I moved around the table to work on the other leg. “You obviously needed that.”

“I’ll say,” Joni sighed. “You must think I’m awful.”

“Not at all,” I said as I began to roll the towel off of her other leg. “You’ve obviously bottled up a lot of tension and stress in your body, I’m just helping you release it.”

“May I have some more of my drink?” Joni asked, pushing up onto her elbows.

“Sure,” I said, getting her drink and handing it to her.

I could see her eyes noticing my cock pushing out against my shorts as she drank. I always wore these same shorts, very short with nothing beneath them. It made many things much easier.

“Thanks,” she said, handing me her now empty drink and laying back down. “I’m a little warm,” she said, lifting her face from the cradle. “Is the towel necessary?”

“The towel is there strictly for you,” I informed her. “It’s about your security and privacy.”

“Well, all things considered, I think I can do without it,” she said. “It’s just too warm.”

“No problem,” I said, removing the towel entirely from her body, leaving her laying naked on the table, her legs spread wide.

“That’s better,” she said, wriggling her ass, settling into the table.

I let my hand slide from the small of her back, down her ass crack and into her pussy, rubbing her for a moment before continuing on down her leg to her foot. Getting some creme, I proceeded to thoroughly cover her leg, all the way up over her ass to the small of her back. I could see a sticky thread of pussy juice from the tip of her clit to the growing wet spot on the sheet beneath her as I sat on the end of the table to work on her foot.

It was all I could do to concentrate on my work, her beautiful pussy spread in front of me, just begging for some attention. But I imposed discipline on myself and did my job, slowly but surely working my way up her leg to her ass cheek. This time when I pressed my thumbs into the final hip flexor in the middle of her ass cheek, I let my ring and pinky fingers slide right up into her pussy.

As Joni moaned I massaged her pussy lips, pulling on them, kneading them between my fingers. She was pressing back against my hand as I began finger-fucking her, first with two fingers, then three, and finally four fingers plunging in and out of her hot, wet pussy, all the way up to my knuckles. As I felt her pussy contract in orgasm, I let my thumb which had been resting on her rosebud press into her ass. Joni groaned out loud, pressing back against me, finally collapsing on the table when her orgasm subsided.

“Oh, my god!” she exclaimed as I let my fingers slip from her pussy and ass. “I have never in my life cum so hard. That was incredible.”

“Well, you obviously need the release,” I commented wryly. “And we’re only half-way done.”

“God, I don’t know if I can take anymore,” Joni said, turning her head to look at me.

Her eyes widened fully when she saw my cock standing straight out in front of me, having long since escaped from my shorts.

“Let’s get you turned onto your side,” I said, “with your head on the table now.”

“Uh, sure,” Joni said, turning and scooting down the table until she was laying facing me.

I positioned her body with her upper leg bent as she lay on her side. Telling her to lay back, essentially twisting her body, I put one hand on her hip on her ass, the other on her rib cage just beneath her breast, which I could feel pressing against my hand. Catching her knee against the inside of my leg, I pushed with both hands and pressed down with my leg, twisting her.

Crack, crack, crack her back went as it adjusted. As I stood up I could see a slick mark on her thigh where my cock had dragged, leaking precum. Turning her over, I moved to the other side and repeated the same movement, her back once more releasing.

“Turn onto your stomach once more for a moment,” I requested as Joni lay there, sprawled in the twisted position from the adjustment, her breasts heaving, nipples hard and erect.

Slowly she turned onto her stomach, her head turned away from me. I checked her neck, found it out of alignment, and quickly adjusted it, much to Joni’s surprise.

“Oh, my, I’ve never had that done before,” she said as I positioned her head so that it was facing me.

“I need to do it one more time,” I advised her. “Is that okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” she said. “In for a penny…”

“In for a pound,” I finished as I adjusted her neck. “There, now on your back, please.”

Slowly Joni turned onto her back and for the first time I saw the bright red patch of hair just above the slit of her pussy. On her back her pussy looked entirely different with her clit looking like the tip of a finger as it stuck out from between her pussy lips.

Putting her right hand on her left shoulder and her left hand on her right shoulder, I put my left hand beneath her back right in the middle of her spine, my other hand going around her body to hold the hand in her back. Essentially I was holding her in a loose hug.

“Take a deep breath,” I instructed her, checking my grip. “Now let it all out, and don’t cheat,” I told her, feeling her breath leave her body and at the same time quickly and firmly hugging her to me.

Her back went ccrrraackkkk as the entire thoracic region adjusted like a row of dominos. We both froze in that position for a moment, her eyes wide with surprise, just inches from my own. Then she leaned forward a bit and gently kissed me on the mouth. I responded, sucking on her sweet tongue as she wrapped her arms around my neck. After a minute or so I disengaged myself, smiling down at her.

“Maybe we should finish the massage,” I suggested, “otherwise we won’t.”

“Oh, god, I can’t believe there’s more,” Joni said with a laugh, releasing me.

“We’ve only just started,” I assured her as I stood at the head of the table, an oversized pillowcase folded in thirds length-wise in my hands.

Making sure her incredible red hair was up off of her neck, I put the pillowcase beneath her head and wrapped it around her eyes, tucking it beneath her head. Now she was completely blindfolded.

“Oh, is this the kinky part?” Joni asked with a laugh.

“Most people find it easier to relax if their eyes are covered,” I explained. “They’re less self-conscious than they would be if they just closed their eyes. It’ll help you to relax.”

“Mmm,” she said as I held her head, slowly checking the range of motion. When I had her head turned towards me, I leaned forward, letting my erect cock gently touch her lips. I was pleased to see the tip of her tongue protrude from between her lips to taste/see what it was, then her mouth opened and I slid my cock in as she wrapped her lips around it.

I stood there incredulous that this beautiful woman, who had been a total stranger not a half an hour before, was now laying naked, blindfolded, and sucking my cock. And god, could she suck! Though she appeared to be only 5’5″ or so, a small woman, I was shocked when I saw and felt her nose pressing against my belly, all 8″ of my cock in her mouth and down her throat. It was like being in a milking machine. I could feel her throat opening and closing on my cock, squeezing it. As I watched in amazement, I saw Joni’s tongue somehow slither out from around my cock to tease my balls.

“Oh, god, your cock tastes so good,” she gasped, having let my cock slowly slide from her mouth.

I watched her tongue flick out, licking the droplet of precum that had formed at the slit, then she was plunging herself down on my cock again, literally swallowing it. I began to fuck her face, totally caught up in the nasty turn things had taken. With one hand holding the back of her head, I pounded my cock in and out of her all-too-willing mouth, burying it completely each time. Incredibly, Joni continued to actively suck me. This was one hot woman!

I then felt the first stirrings in my balls of impending explosion and thought briefly about saving it for a better place, then realized that there couldn’t possibly be a better place. I stopped fucking her face and just let her suck me, my orgasm building slowly but surely to that point of no return. Joni had to realize what was coming and she increased the intensity of her sucking as I lost control, cum exploding from my cock, almost buckling my knees with the power of the release.

And Joni just kept on sucking, never giving an inch as my balls slowly but surely emptied themselves into her sucking mouth. Finally I stopped cumming and had to step back away from Joni’s merciless tongue. She lay there, blindfolded, licking her lips, a big smile on her face. I could see her mouth full of cum and then she gulped, swallowing, then continued licking her lips, sighing contentedly as she continued to swallow.

“Damn!” was all I could manage to gasp as I stood there, my cock quivering, still standing straight out in front of me. This was one hot woman and I was horny as hell right now. I wanted nothing more than to just fuck her, but I still had half a body to massage.

“Oh, god, please fuck me,” Joni begged, her hands between her legs, frantically rubbing her pussy.

“I think we should finish the massage,” I heard myself say. What a professional! “There’s plenty of time to do a good job,” I told her.

“Oh, damn!” she moaned, furiously pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy.

I reached down and grabbed both of her nipples between my fingers, pulling on them, stretching them as far as I could. Joni groaned out loud, her fingers squishing noisily in her sopping pussy. They she cried out, arching her back as I pinched her nipples as hard as I could. Her whole body began to tremble as she had yet another orgasm. I pinched her nipples as hard as I could one more time before releasing them, watching as Joni slowly calmed down, sinking into the table, temporarily sated for the moment.

I moved down to the foot of the table, taking some creme and applying it to one leg, starting at the ankle and moving up to just above the juncture of her leg and torso, taking special care not to touch her pussy which was spread open in front of me, her clit swollen and sticking out from between her unfurled pussy lips.

I worked both sides of her calf, then propped her foot up on the table with her knee bent. Letting her knee fall outward opened her pussy even more. Reluctantly I let her leg slide back down to the table and began to work above her knee. Long, firm effleurage strokes up the outside of the leg, the top of the leg, then the inside of the thigh, this time letting two fingers slide into her open pussy as I got to the top of my stroke.

Joni moaned, pressing herself against my fingers which were already sliding back down her leg. I did this a couple more times before switching to petrissage, again working the outside of the leg, then the fullness of her quads, then the inside of her thigh, the adductors. This time, when I got to the top of her leg, I continued on to her pussy, grabbing and massaging and pulling on her pussy lips, then plunging my fingers into her, her pussy now easily accommodating four fingers as I finger-fucked her for several seconds.

I then moved around the table to the other side and repeated everything on the other leg, once again finishing with four fingers plunging in and out of her hungry pussy. Giving her clit one final pinch which caused her to gasp, I then moved to Joni’s hand, carefully squeezing and pulling on each finger, moving them side to side to get a lateral release of the middle knuckle joint, then turning the hand over and working the palm with my thumbs, deeply with long strokes from the wrist to the ball of the hand.

And then slowly working the lower arm, both sides, working my way up to her elbow and back down again, three times, before stripping with my thumbs up the center of the arm, deeply, almost to the point of pain.

I then moved to the head of the table, still holding Joni’s arm in my hand, bringing it up over her head, hanging limp from the elbow down. Bracing her elbow against my groin, I was able to use two hands to work her biceps and triceps, making sure to glide deeply into her armpit and down her side and back up again. Finishing, I placed her arm by her side and moved around the table to repeat it on the other arm.

Now taking some creme in my hand, I gently spread it across Joni’s stomach, hearing her sudden intake of breath at the cool creme. Using some more creme, I effleuraged up over her ribs and breasts, making certain to massage them deeply and firmly, pinching and squeezing her nipples between my fingers.

Joni’s head was back, her eyes covered and her mouth open as I worked her chest and stomach. She had such beautiful breasts, I just couldn’t get enough of them. They felt so good in my hands. But it was time to move on, so I pulled a seat up at the head of the table and sat down to work on her neck and head. Firmly I stroked her neck from shoulder to head, both sides and underneath. Then turning her head I massaged the side of her neck with the web of my hand, down and up, down and up, then the trapezoid attachments at the base of the skull. Then it was time to treat the other side of her neck the same way.

Finally I massaged Joni’s scalp, then her ears, finishing with my fingers lightly on her forehead. She lay there dead to the world, her mouth open, totally relaxed, her beautiful breasts with hard pointed nipples sticking up in the air, her skin glistening from the creme.

I went to the foot of the table once more, gently pulling on her legs, encouraging her to scoot down the table until her ass was just on the edge. I was holding her legs hooked over my arms, her pussy spread open in front of me. Quickly covering my cock with some of the massage creme, I leaned forward and buried myself in her pussy without any warning whatsoever.

Joni gasped, arching her back and pressing into me as I began to fuck her. Her pussy felt so good; hot, wet, hungry. I couldn’t believe how tight she was as I plunged my cock in and out of her pussy.

Joni was pinching and pulling on her own nipples as I fucked her. I looked down to see her pussy lips grasping my cock as it slid in and out. Joni was writhing on the table, but when I reached with my thumb and began to rub her big fat clit which was literally bulging above my plunging cock, she exploded on the table. It was all I could do to hold her legs tightly as she orgasmed out of control.

I continued to rub her clit while I fucked her. I had never in my life seen a woman so out of control. Finally I could take it no more, her magical pussy working its magic, and I exploded, cum shooting deep into her milking pussy. Only when I had finished spurting did I stop rubbing her clit and collapsed forward onto her, my face on her magnificent breasts.

After a minute I pushed myself upright again, my now-diminished cock still ensconce in Joni’s pussy. Reluctantly sliding out of her, I helped her to scoot back up onto the table where she lay limp, her legs splayed open, cum dribbling from her spread pussy.

I walked around the table, letting my hands slide up her body from her stomach onto her breasts, kneading them, pinching her nipples and pulling on them, pinching them as hard as I could until she gasped, arching her back. I then moved up to her head, letting my hands slide around her throat to her neck, cradling her head and gently taking it through a range of motion, ending up with her head turned to the side, towards me.

Still supporting her head and neck with one hand, I let my other one slide down to her breast once again, squeezing it and easily grasping her rock-hard erect nipple between my thumb and forefinger. As I squeezed, increasing the pressure, Joni opened her mouth to gasp and I leaned forward, letting my cock, covered in her pussy juices and my cum, slide into her mouth.

Without hesitation she began to suck on it and I released my grip on her nipple. It was amazing to stand there and watch this beautiful blindfolded woman sucking my cock that had just spent such a wonderful time in her pussy. She buried her nose in my stomach and sucked and milked my entire 8″ with her mouth and throat. It was incredible.

I began to fuck her mouth, gently at first, then harder, feeling the slight resistance as I slid into her throat each time. She just lay there, a willing receptacle. After five or ten minutes I could see that she was beginning to tire, holding her mouth wide open like that. Sliding my cock out so that just the head was in her mouth, I almost fainted as she sucked on it, teasing the slit with the tip of her tongue.

When she opened her mouth to gasp for breath, I grabbed her by the legs and spun her around so that she was laying across the table, her head hanging over the edge while I supported her legs on my arms. Joni’s sopping pussy was spread in front of me, my rock-hard cock pointing at it. Her pussy juices and my cum had leaked from her pussy and had dribbled down the crack of her ass.

I rubbed my cock up and down in her slit, pressing down on her distended clit, causing her to gasp and arch up against me. Slowly I let my cock slide once again into her incredible pussy. I pumped in and out a few times, then pulled my cock out, letting it slide down to press against her rosebud.

Joni gasped when she felt my cock pressing against her asshole. I could feel her body stiffen, then relax as I began to press harder. Just when I thought my cock would break in two, her ass sphincter relaxed enough for the head of my cock to push into her ass. A garbled scream came from Joni’s mouth as I slowly and relentlessly pushed my cock into her ass. It took several minutes before I was leaning up against her body, my entire cock buried deep in her tight ass.

I leaned forward, sucking on and biting her nipples. Joni lifted her head, using her hands to hold mine, and kissed me hard, driving her tongue into my mouth as my cock pulsated in her ass. Then I stood up and began slowly fucking her ass, seeing her pussy gaping open above my cock sliding in and out of her rosebud. I began to rub her clit as I fucked her ass and Joni writhed on the table, bucking against me as I continued to fuck her.

Her ass was so tight, I thought it was going to tear skin from my cock. She really seemed to enjoy it, screwing her ass onto my cock as I drove it into her each time. I was holding her breasts in my hands, squeezing her nipples and pulling on them as I fucked her ass. After what seemed like an hour I finally felt my balls begin to churn and I knew that I was finally going to be able to cum.

As I felt myself boiling to the point of no return, I pulled my cock from Joni’s ass, spinning her around on the table so that her head was hanging over in front of me as I pumped my cock in my hand. Supporting her head with one hand and wanking my cock with the other, I began to cum, shooting it onto Joni’s face. To my surprise and delight she opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out as I continued to shoot cum, now aiming for her open mouth.

Joni’s face was covered and plenty of cum had shot into her mouth when I finished cumming. Gently repositioning her on the table, I put the towel over her and went to the bathroom to wash myself and let her rest and collect herself. When I emerged from the bathroom several minutes later, Joni was sitting up, the towel in a pile beside her, her knees spread and her pussy open to my view.

“That was the most incredible experience of my entire life,” Joni told me, shaking her head. “I can’t believe how I feel.”

“How do you feel?” I asked, smiling at her.

“Well, for the most part, I feel like I’ve been reborn,” she laughed. “And then there’s my pussy and ass,” she said, “they feel like they’ve been had by the football team. I had no idea you were so………talented,” she finally said.

“I hope I didn’t cross any lines…” I began.

“You obliterated all the lines,” Joni said, laughing out loud as I stood in front of her. “If I didn’t need to get home and get dinner ready for my husband and children,” she said, reaching out and wrapping her hand around my cock, “I’d want some more of this. Can I make another appointment?” she asked, pulling on my cock.

“Of course,” I replied, a big smile on my face. “When would you like to come again?”

“God, I’ve cum more today than I have in the past year,” Joni laughed. “How often do you recommend?” she asked.

“Well, as often as you like,” I told her. “It’s usually an issue of time and/or money for most people. If you can afford it, I’d have at least one massage a day myself.”

“I don’t know if I could take this every day,” Joni said with a laugh as she slipped off the table to stand in front of me, her hand still wrapped around my cock. “How about we start with twice a week?” she suggested. “We can take it from there.”

“That sounds fine,” I said, scarcely believing my luck.

“Do you also massage men?” Joni asked, sinking to her knees in front of me and licking my cock.

“Yes,” I said, speechless.

“And do you do Total Massages on men?” she asked, engulfing my cock in her mouth.

“I never have,” I admitted, my head rolling on my shoulders as she swallowed my cock.

“Would you?” she asked, letting my cock slip from her mouth and licking the tip.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “I’ve never done anything sexual with another man beyond sharing a woman.”

“But would you?” she persisted, going down on me.

“I’ve never thought about it,” I said, uncomfortable with the subject.

“Is it a matter of money?” she asked.

“Like I said, I’ve never given it any thought,” I said, inwardly sighing wistfully as she released my cock and got to her feet.

“I’ve got to go,” Joni said, grabbing for her clothes.

“Uh, you might want to wash up,” I said, raising my eyebrows at the sight of her cum-streaked face.

I heard Joni shriek with laughter from the bathroom and smiled to myself as I took the massage table down. I can’t believe this happened. I just can’t believe it.

“I certainly did need to wash up,” Joni said as she emerged from the bathroom fully clothed. “That would have been hard to explain.”

“Uh, I take it you don’t do this sort of thing often?” I tentatively probed.

“Well, I’ve never had a massage like this before,” Joni laughed, “and, no, I don’t do this sort of thing, ever, actually. I’ve been happily married for almost 20 years,” she told me. “I’ve got a beautiful 18-year-old daughter. I’m a bit in shock that this happened, now that I’m thinking of it.”

“Hey, this was a massage, that’s all,” I told her, making it a point to not touch her. “It was about making you and your body feel better. That’s what we did. This is not about anything but that, a therapeutic experience. That’s the only way to think about it.”

“Well, how much do I owe you for this therapeutic experience of a lifetime?” Joni asked, a smile on her face.

“It’s $100,” I told her, struggling to keep a straight face.

“That’s a bargain,” Joni said, reaching into her purse and handing me a $100 bill, then reaching in again and pulling out a $20 and handing that to me, too. “Thank you for keeping me in perspective,” she said. “See you in a few days, same time?”

“That’ll be fine,” I told her. “Thanks a lot, Joni,” I said. “Don’t forget to drink a lot of water for the next 24 hours to help flush the toxins from your system.”

Joni walked towards the door and I hurried to get there first, turning the handle and opening it.

“Bye,” she said, then quickly turned and put her arm behind my head and pulled me down and kissed me, softly, sensually, her tongue gently teasing mine, then released me.

“Bye,” was all I could manage to say as she left, that incredible ass driving me crazy with the memories already.

I collapsed into my reclining chair, exhausted and exhilarated all at once. She had actually paid me! And she was coming back!

Story is from literotica

Written by TryAnything