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Erotic Tantra Massage Dublin

Our Tantra Massage College has recently accredited a few males and females Tantra Massage Practitioners and Tantra teachers based in Dublin, Ireland.

The Price for Tantra Massage in Dublin is €500 for 3h session and can be done in your place only. We don’t have a place in Ireland. Price includes breathing techniques (pranayama), physical exercises and massage. This is the only price option we have in Ireland.

Tantra Massage Dublin

There are different Tantra Massage styles. For example, tantra massage in normal clothes. It’s called White Tantra. It could be without physical touch. Or with the hugs and soft touch. You will give, receive positive, love energy. And exchange this energy with the specialist. This feeling can last for a few days or weeks after the session.

Traditional Tantra Massage Dublin

This massage type is normally performed completely nude. For instance, both the client and the specialist don’t wear any clothes on. If you feel uncomfortable without any clothes, we would recommend you White Tantra.

Please WhatsApp or email us if you are interested to try this service. Please don’t forget to mention that you’re in Ireland and if you prefer a male or female specialist (mention if you want male to male massage, or male to female massage, or female to male massage, or female to female massage, Tantra gay massage Dublin ).